The mobile app and prepaid debit card

Helping children to develop good money habits

nimbl is a new and fun way to pay pocket money and teach your child good money habits.

With no hidden top up, loading or gifting fees – we’re voted one of the top cards for Under 18s by

Remember to download our nimbl app, there’s a view for parents and a separate login for children

It's simple... it's nimbl!

Giving the next generation the confidence to manage money within a digital world

nimbl is an award winning app and prepaid debit card, which gives you the tools to help your children learn about money.

It’s quick and simple to join nimbl online and your children’s nimbl cards will arrive within a few days. You can set up pocket money, unique parental controls and help your children learn how to save and spend responsibly.

There’s a parent account for you and linked accounts for each of your children, all managed online or through our mobile app, available on both iOS and Android.

You can also create login details for your child so they can access the child version of our app!


Set up regular digital pocket money payments for each child and watch them learn how to budget.

You can choose between weekly or monthly!


Better than cash, which can easily be lost or stolen.

Simply lock and unlock the card through the app to keep it safe. Plus, it’s prepaid so no worries about debt!


Receive instant alerts to see where money has been spent, with details on how much, where and when!

Alerts help to encourage positive conversations about money, but can be disabled at any point, once your child starts to become more independent.


Encourage a healthy balance between spending and saving with easy to use tools like microsavings!


Use spending controls to give the freedom to learn within a safe environment.

Their money, their choice

We all remember our first experience with money, knowing what to spend and how to budget is scary… but at nimbl we want to help.

We believe children learn by doing and by experiences. With their own nimbl card and access to the child version of our app, your children will learn how to manage their own money in a fun and easy way!

nimbl creates a safe and secure environment for your children to learn, to make mistakes – and gain independence.