TISA Financial Education for Children Showcase

Last week, nimbl were fortunate enough to attend an event ran by TISA and hosted by Redington, where the exhibitors shared how they provided financial education to children, young adults and their families.

The council’s dream “To ensure all children in the UK can live the financial life they aspire to by equipping them with the attitude, skills and resources to achieve their personal and financial goals.”, could clearly be seen not only in the exhibitors but in all those attending.

Attendees could learn how the exhibitors worked with children to engage their minds, increase confidence as well as their independence. Exhibitors included:

  • Kickstart Money / MyBnk
  • The London Institute of Banking & Finance
  • bMoney Wize
  • RoosterMoney
  • RedSTART
  • ShareAction
  • Sharefound
  • Shares for schools
  • MoneySense from NatWest
  • Young Money from Young Enterprise UK
  • Stride Ventures
  • Save Your Acorns

Covering all of them might be a bit much, so below we’ll introduce the ones which we think will be of interest to our readers and their children, but feel free to check the others out if you get a chance.

bMoney Wize

An organisation that rightly believes learning about money should be a fun and memorable experience, bMoney Wize uses games and activities to educate young people with money management skills. We had a go at one of the games which they would run in their sessions and have to say it was an engaging experience which we would have loved when we were a child and certainly enjoyed at the event.


Created in collaboration with education experts, MoneySense is an impartial education programme aimed at helping 5-18-year olds in the UK and Ireland with learning about money. Best of all is that it’s provided free of charge by NatWest!

The programme is made with young people, parents and teachers in mind with educational games, activities and lesson plans to help each group with learning and teaching money management.


Kickstart Money

Kickstart Money is a project with the ambitious aim to arm 18,000 school children with essential money skills, supported by the Tax Incentivised Savings Association (TISA) along with leading savings & investment firms.

This is delivered in schools by MyBnk with engaging activities to teach young people about money and ensuring what they learn can be applied in the real world.

Young Money

Formerly known as pfeg, Young Money is a free resource for teachers which offers advice and guidance to anyone teaching children and young people about money. We think this a hugely valuable resource which we hope schools around the country take advantage of.

Stride Ventures

A little different from the rest, Stride looks to help children learn about money by having them use it in a practical way as well as think about potential future careers. Delivered in schools usually over a few sessions the programme looks to not only help with money management but long-term employability.

LIFE by The London Institute of Banking & Finance

Lessons in Financial Education (LIFE) is an e-learning programme/qualification from The London Institute of Banking & Finance which looks to create financially capable young people. The programme gives those who study it knowledge that will be useful in adult life and is flexible enough to be done at school, home or on the go so students can develop key life skills.

Save your Acorns

Finally, written by Robert Gardner founder of RedSTART and Redington, Save your Acorns is a book which might be interesting to those who have children younger than 8 teaching kids to budget, save, invest, and give back.

Save your acorns

Like nimbl, all these organisations are dedicated to improving children’s understanding of finance and giving them the tools to be confident with money as they become adults.

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